- Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva, Ashdod, Petaj tikva, Raanana, Megido (Israel); Rome, Milan, Bolzano, Merano, (Italy); Oporto (Portugal).

1997 - Sydney, Merlbourne, Camberra (Australia); Wellington (New Zealand), Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

1994 - Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand).

Soloist with:
"Orquesta Radio Nacional" (1997), "Orquesta de la Universidad de Belgrano", Chamber music group "Encuentros Internacionales de Música Contemporánea" since 1988, Camerata Vocale Buenos Aires.

Recitals at: Teatro Colón, Teatro San Martín, Teatro Nacional Cervantes (Buenos Aires).
Solo tours through Argentina. Recitals in Santiago de Chile (Chile), Montevideo (Uruguay), Asunción (Paraguay).

Contemporary music: 1999, La Festa della Musica Roma (Italy), 1988 Jornadas de Música Electroacústica Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Fausto Sebastiani, Salvador Ranieri, Raúl Schemper, Eduardo Tejeda and other authors, wrote pieces for Omar Cyrulnik.



Musicals: Nunsense, 2000 - Nine, 1998 - Gipsy, 1992 - Broadway, 1991- Nunsense, 1989.

Concerts: Classical Guitar Society of Sydney, 1995 y 1997.

Shows: Homenaje a Juarroz, 1997 - Sonidos de la Cruz del Sur, 1996 - Un viaje por la casa de los músicos, 1992 - Ceremonia de caminantes, 1989 - De Romances y cantares, 1989.

Sound track execution for: Obrador, 1999 - Telecosmos, 1992 - Lend me a Tenor, 1991 - Lettice and Lovage, 1990.

Adapted translation for musicals : 1998 Nine (nueve), 1992 Gipsy (Gipsy), 1989 Nunsense (Sorpresas).



Seminars at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, (Argentina), New South Wells University, Sydney, Victoria University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Wellington, Society of Classical Guitar of Auckland, Auckland Philarmonia Orchestra, (New Zealand), Rubin Academy of Music and Dance of Jerusalem University (Israel), Dynamo "Tanzach-Zurich" (Switzerland), Kensenian Institute of Jakarta, National Arts Academy of Malaysia (Malasia),Classical Guitar Society of Sydney (Australia).

Regularly teachesTai Chi and special training for performing artists at Estudio de Teatro Augusto Fernandes, Asociación Tai Chi Pai Lin Argentina y Teatro Repertorio del Norte (Argentina).



Grupo EIMC de Buenos Aires, IRCO - Compositores Argentinos, IRCO - Omar Cyrulnik, SBS - Tango Grupo Encuentros, IRCO.



Orchestral Direction and Composition:
(Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina ), National Professor in Music (Conservatorio Nacional ), Beca Camping Musical Bariloche (Argentina) 1983/84/85, Grant to study with M° Stefano Aruta, Naples (Italy) 1989, Piano with Alba Rozen, Armonía with Sergio Hualpa, Chamber Music with Tomás Tichauer, Guitar with Miguel A. Girollet; in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Visual arts with Mónica Giron and Tai Chi Chuan with Daniel Brenner , Buenos Aires, Argentina.


"¡Omar Cyrulnik. A lasting impression!"
"Omar had no problems expressing his musical ideas to the fullest. He used analogies, mime, facial and body language to convey his interpretation of particular ideas (as one time he even took off his shoes and tip toed around the room to illustrate soft and gentle paying). This extroverted side of Omar's personality together with his deep emotional involvement in the music were the most inspiring aspects of his work with us. In doing so, he removed the immediate technical concerns of guitarists in ensembles and replaced it by strong commitment to musical expression in its purest state".
The Newsletter of the Classical Guitar Society of Sydney

"An emotional audience stood up to cheer and applaud Omar Cyrulnik".
The Indonesian Observer

"Exceptionally virtuous with the guitar"
Argentiniches Tagelblatt

"Omar Cyrulnik is a musician with formidable technique and a deeply romantic sensibility".
Sydney Morning Herald

"A Bach perfectly phrased, exquisite music and shade's variety, Omar Cyrulnik made music since the very first note".
La Opinion (Buenos Aires)